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The Go-LiTe enables children, who cannot stand freely by themselves, to perform an independent, upright walk. Even a small shift of the center of gravity is sufficient to trigger the movement forward.

The footplates are mounted to bearings with an aslope centre. Due to this construction, the Go-LiTe permits movement by shifting the balance slightly sideways over the sagittal centre of gravity.
Based on the multitude of adjustment options and the combination of component parts, the Go-LiTe becomes an adaptive system, which takes the growth and development of the child into account.


  • easy handling
  • decrease in weight due to carbon fabrication
  • different parts of the GoLiTE sizes can be combined
  • good adaptability through a variety of settings

Area of application:

  • for lesion up to C6
  • neuromuscular diseases
  • body weight of up to max. 60 kg; above: custom-made product

Application index:

  • Go-LiTe S: body weight of up to 20 kg
  • Go-LiTe M: body weight of up to 40 kg
  • Go-LiTe L: body weight of up to 60 kg

Further information about the dimension of the Go-LiTe can be found here.