About us

The company came about due to the shortage of splint systems suitable for orthoses in an unilateral construction that are robust, functional and light enough to use for congenital, incomplete transverse lesions of the spinal cord with paraplegia. Our many years of experience supplying children suffering from spina bifida helped us to develop suitable systems and to have them manufactured under stringent quality requirements.

Our splints are designed for unilateral construction. Joints must therefore only be attached to the outside of the hip, knee or ankle. The orthosis is therefore less prone to repairs, thinner and lighter. The choice of the lesion and its joint orthotic fitting parts plays a crucial role in the success of a successful habilitation.

We offer you a orthosis joint system for the lesion S2 to C6. The joints are classified according to weight (up to 90 kg) and size (up to 185 cm) .

We have tested all products in our workshops for many years and have highly skilled staff who can advise you while the splints are under construction.

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