Mono Lock Support knee joint

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The indicated weight refers to the body weight.
(The gas pressure springs 4/12 are available from 50N to 200N. The gas pressure springs 6/15 are available from 50N to 350N.)
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The Mono Lock is a lockable alternative to the Mono knee joint, usable in the locked and unlocked positions, back shifted articulation.
Due to the changeable wedges, the Mono Lock is especially suitable for preoperative treatment and for non-fixed contractures between 5°–20°.
The Mono Lock Support (mounting set with gas preassure spring)  is a functional extension of the Mono Lock knee joint. The gas preassure spring that is used supports the extension of the knee joint.

Benefits Mono Lock Support mounting set:

  • retrofitting is possible
  • gas preassure pumps are replaceable, refillable and removable
  • gas springs are available in various forces

Benefits Mono Lock knee jount:

  • lockable, back shifted axis of rotation
  • variable belting mechanisms due to changeable wedges
  • changeable wedges are available in the variants: 5°/20° ; 7,5°/17,5° ; 10°/15° ; 12,5°

 Area of application:

  • for all paralysis and partial paralysis of the lower extremities with severely weak knee stretching  muscles
  • for dynamic extension of non-structural contractures (Quengel-orthoses)
  • bodyweight of up to max. 75 kg
  • for HKAFO and KAFO
  • compatible with Spring® carbon spring

Application index:

  • Mono Lock Support 25: body weight of up to 30 kg
  • Mono Lock Support 30: body weight of up to 75 kg

Further information about the dimensions of the MONO Lock knee joint and the vaiants of the MONO LOCk SUPPORT mounting kit can be found here.

 Scope of delivery:

  • incl. extension set: Mono Lock 25: 6 x 12 x 250 mm  / Mono Lock 30: 8 x 19 x 300mm
  • incl. countersunk screws: Mono Lock 25: M5 x 10mm  / Mono Lock 30: M5 x 12mm
  • inkl. Mono Lock Support mounting set: gas preassure pumps, mounting plate and angle joints

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