RGO hip joint

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The RGO is a 1-axis hip joint system that allows isocentric movement of the hip joint.

The legs remain parallel to each other during the whole walking cycle in the direction of movement. There is no rotation in the pelvis. The RGO joint can be decoupled for sitting down.


  • easy walking for lesions between L2 and TH5
  • equipped with “preselect function”

Area of application:

  • for HKAFO
  • for lesions between L2 and TH5
  • Its use has been proven for patients who cannot be given a Twister hip joint due to severe skeletal and joint deformations.
  • body weight of up to max. 70 kg

Application index:

  • RGO Infant: body weight of up to 12 kg
  • RGO small: body weight of up to 20 kg
  • RGO medium: body weight of up to 40 kg
  • RGO large: body weight of up to 70 kg                                                               

Further information on the dimensions of the RGO Hip joint is available here.


Scope of delivery:

  • incl. pelvic compensator: Infant: 6/6 x 50 x 400 x M12/1 mm  /  small: 6/6 x 50 x 400 x M12/1 mm  / medium: 6/8 x 50 x 500 x M12/1 mm  /  large: 8/8 x 50 x 500 x M12/1 mm
  • incl. connector set
  • not bent, unwelded
  • 1-axis with "Preselect" / Infant without "Preselect"