Twister hip joint incl. pelvic rocker

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Delivery time 2 - 3 Workdays

The indicated weight refers to the body weight.
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The Twister is a 2-axle hip joint system which allows circumduction through its diagonally positioned joint axis.

Due to the 2-axle hip joint construction, the pelvic section rotates around its own axis, while the legs remain aimed at the direction of movement. Through maximum use of the mobility of the trunk (step length of 30°) it is possible for the patient to achieve an energy-saving gait. The patient must not lift his body weight against gravity or rotate the soles of his shoes against the ground.
The horizontal sitting axis can be unlocked for sitting down with the preselect function. In the locked state it oscillates with the gait axis that is inclined by 25°, which through its diagonal position executes 12° inward and outward rotation.

The step processing is done reciprocally on the dorsally mounted pelvic rocker, with which the two hip joints are connected.


  • energy-saving and easier walking for paralysis from L3 to TH5
  • patients feel more secure thanks to circumduction
  • equipped with “preselect function”

Area of application:

  • for HKAFO
  • for lesions between L3 and TH5
  • body weight of up to max. 70 kg
  • The patient should have a good sense of space and balance and no attention disorders or motoric reception disorders

Application index:

  • Twister small: body weight of up to 20 kg
  • Twister medium: body weight of up to 40 kg
  • Twister large: body weight of up to 70 kg

Further information on the dimensions of the Twister Hip joint is available here.


Scope of delivery:

  • incl. pelvic fork: small: 6/6 x 50 x 400 x M12/1 mm  /  medium: 6/8 x 50 x 400 x M12/1 mm  /  large: 8/8 x 50 x 500 x M12/1 mm
  • incl. connector set
  • not bent, not welded
  • 2-axis with "preselected"